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Snapparoo – Our Story – Humble Beginnings

From the ashes of a photography project gone a bit awry, Snapparoo is what remains! It all started when I thought it would be a good idea to get a couple of photographers together and renovate a a grotty office and room ready for taking all manner of photography, from business, to corporate and ultimately, fashion. I suggested we hire a photo booth for our future open/launch night but then thought “we do photography, so why not build our own, then we can use it over and over again?”

So I designed the booth carcass and had a friend cut it all out for me. The rest was installing a touch screen, DSLR camera, software and Mini PC. I drove all the way to London to get my event printer, had my dearest friend Steve help me with props and extra bits and bobs……et voila, we had our photo booth!

However, after my colleagues dropped out of the plan, I was left with my photo booth, but no photography studio. Well what can a girl do? So, the story begins, I tested the waters with a few events, and have slowly started to get booking via word of mouth. The verdict? I have become addicted. It is simply, as Miranda’s mum would say “Such Fun!”

So now the adventure really begins, to take my little “Snappy Booth” on the road and spread the fun, the joy, the craziness to everyone! Over the next year aiming to combine my experience as an events singer/DJ, and party entertainer into something complimentary. What way to mark an occasion than to take fab photos and share them digitally, instantly and take home some superb printed mementos.

My 9 year old lad, Bevan is also involved, letting me know the latest kids trends, from Minecraft, to Bendy & The Ink Machine, The Incredibles etc. All these themes will be an option when choosing our kids booth/disco package.

So, enjoy the our Snappy website, it is constantly evolving, and keep tuned for news in our blog.